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Executive assistant

SIA Gaismas Stils

City: Riga

Category: Office Management

Job ad ID: SK0003082





About the company

Our client - "GAISMAS STILS" international company and a leading provider of hi-end architectural, commercial and decorative lighting solutions to the public and private markets in Latvia and surrounding regions. Our client's portfolio of work includes shopping centers and retail chains, schools and universities, hotels and restaurants, offices, private houses, churches and museums, streets and territory, city lighting and more. Going above and beyond for partners and customers is "Gaismas Stils" main priority - all day - every day.

Job description

- Be the main company’s contact point and host for enquirers and visitors;
- Organize all travels, events, receptions and meetings of the company;
- Assist in website and social profiles development;
- Take care of the daily functioning of the office;
- Prepare various reports, presentations, contracts, etc.;
- Assist in organizing local transportation of the goods to customers;
- Assist management and project managers in other daily activities;
- Learn and follow lighting industry.


- Perfect in Latvian, very good knowledge of English and Russian (spoken);
- Excellent communication skills both verbal and written;
- Proficiency with MS Office/Office 365, especially Excel and Word;
- Previous experience in similar positions is required;
- Ability to work fast, multitask and prioritize.

We hope you are

- A friendly, outgoing and positive person who smiles a lot;
- Enjoy organizing anything from your own schedule to events;
- Able to manage schedules and priorities in a fast-paced environment;
- Excellent in communication, problem-solving, and organizational skills;
- Loving to work with numerous people on a day-to-day basis;
- Able to work independently and as a part of the team;
- Looking for growth and advancement.

What we offer

- Interesting work in an internationally growing company;
- Opportunities to grow and learn as a professional;
- Regular training and events;
- Excellent starting salary, bonus based on the performance;
- Additional benefits package (health insurance, etc.);
- Cosy and modern office in the old town of Riga.

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