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Emplonet is a personnel management company established in 2012 and providing personnel search and selection, personnel administration, employee testing, career counselling, and temporary employment services.

Emplonet has divisions in Vilnius, Kaunas, and Klaipėda. This enables us to efficiently provide services in all Lithuania.

When working, we respect both our profession and our Clients. Values are important to us: we comply with the standards of professional ethics and perform our job really well. We create a customized Candidate database for each Client. We want to fulfil the Client’s expectations by realizing our promises.

We understand the responsibility that the Client transfers to us – we represent the Client in front of the Candidate.

We are committed to earning the Client’s trust even when carrying out a single personnel selection process, but our main goal is a long-term partnership and understanding of Customer’s needs, business specifics, and values. 80% of our Clients have a long-term cooperation relationship with us.

We are flexible , i.e., we look for the best solution in each specific personnel selection process in order to achieve our goals. When performing our tasks, we develop a dialogue with the Client and use our creativi-ty. We are constantly following the changing market trends and apply our Candidate search meth-ods to our target audience. We are always ready to put in extra effort if that is what it takes to achieve the best results.

We work on the success fee basis, i.e., we do not require advance payments. Payments for our services are made only after the goal has been achieved, i.e., the Client has approved the Candidate suitable for the job. 90% of our selected employees continue working in companies after the 3 month probationary period.

We are a company that is learning – our team members are constantly attending training and raising qualification.

We work with Clients in engineering, finance, IT, marketing, customer service, sales, and other fields.

90% of selected employees continue to work in companies after 3 months of probation period.

80% of our Clients maintain long-term business relationships with us

We want to be your internal partner responsible for your company's success

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Violeta Jakutė


Ingrida Juknevičiūtė - Lukašonok

Head of Vilnius Branch

Ieva Kiliuvienė

Head of IT Recruitment

Kristina Norkevičienė

Head of Kaunas Branch

Rūta Grigolytė

Marija Brazaitienė

Senior Recruitment Consultant

Ieva Brukštutė

Recruitment Consultant

Martyna Zubauskaitė

Recruitment Consultant

Ingrida Preidžiūtė

Recruitment specialist

Lina Kantautaitė

Recruitment Consultant

Nerijus Kinderis

Senior IT Recruitment Consultant

Edita Čibinskaitė

IT Recruitment Consultant

Ieva Stikliūtė

Recruitment specialist

Laura Narakaitė

Recruitment specialist

Vaida Anskaitienė

Recruitment specialist

Rūta Mikalauskienė

Recruitment specialist

Jolita Gliožytė

Recruitment specialist

Justina Staškutė

Sales manager

Karolis Petrauskas

Sales manager

Julija Ivanova


Irena Šiurkė

Head of Klaipėda Branch (Maternity leave)

Megė Ieva Baronienė (Motinystės atostogose)

IT Recruitment Consultant (Maternity leave)

Sandra Balandienė (Motinystės atostogose)

Recruitment Consultant (Maternity leave)

Diana Žitkutė (Motinystės atostogose)

Head of sales (Maternity leave)

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