TRIPOD tests

We select the TRIPOD tests for testing personal qualities, mental skills, and manager skills according to your needs and for specific selection process.

1. We will select targeted tests.

We will select the tests to be used in the selection process only after we have identified your needs and requirements for the Candidate.

2. We will organize the conduction of the tests.

Candidates can take psychological personality tests without being at the Emplonet division, i.e., we shall send them a web link. Cognitive tests may be taken at the Emplonet divisions in Vilnius, Kaunas, or Klaipėda.

3. We will share the information.

Based on the results of the tests and the requirements for the Candidates we have discussed, we will provide you with information about the Candidates and their suitability for the job position and help you compare the results of several different Candidates. Based on the results, we will predict the person’s behaviour in the work environment. We will also foresee what would be important to the Candidate: how he/she can be motivated, what career paths can be offered to him/her. Candidates will also be provided with the results of the tests they took.

TRIPOD tests for employees and managers
The Personality Inventory Questionnaire

(NEO-TRI/2) helps to assess personal qualities based on the five principal personality traits. This test is intended to measure emotional stability, extraversion, agreeableness, awareness, and openness to experience.

Personality Inventory and Mental Ability Tests for Managers

(MPI) are intended to measure key personality traits necessary in leading positions: emotional stability, overall activity, orientation to relationship, orientation to results, and general sensitivity. The questionnaire also allows to assess more personality traits that directly influence the effectiveness of management: self-control, stress resistance, initiative, leadership, independence of opinion, teamwork, organization, orientation to achievements, rationality, adaptability.

The Mental Ability Test

(VVS/3) is intended to measure person’s general abilities, which describe how a person learns new things, how accurately and quickly he/she solves tasks, and how accurately he/she conveys his/her thoughts to listeners. This test is intended not only to measure the level of general mental abilities, but also to describe the person in terms of his/her abilities: verbal, arithmetical, and spatial abilities.

The Visual Speed and Accuracy Test

(VKT) is intended to measure specific mental abilities that describe person’s analytical abilities: speed and accuracy of processing visual symbols and numerical information. This ability is a prerequisite for successful work that requires rapid and accurate use of verbal and digital information.

Spatial Ability Test

(RVS) is intended to measure mental capacity that determines the ability to effectively perceive and visualize spatial relationships. Spatial abilities describe visual thinking and the ability to organize and analyse complex information. Research shows that high spatial abilities lead to successful work those persons who work in STEM (science, technology, engineering, mathematics) fields that require a high level of abstract thinking.

The Mental Ability Test for Managers

(MMAS) is intended to measure person’s general mental abilities which describe how he/she learns new things and absorbs new information and how accurately and quickly performs tasks and solves complex problems. A high level of key abilities also correlates with the ability to cope with unexpected situations, make decisions and conclusions and also with the ability to draw an overall picture of the problem based on the details. This test not only helps to measure the level of key abilities, but also describes it in various aspects: verbal, arithmetical, logical, and spatial.