Temporary (short-term) job

Emplonet can offer a wide range of short-term jobs: from auxiliary and technical jobs in manufacturing and catering establishments to administrative jobs and jobs for assistants and specialists in international companies.

1. We will meet with you.

Contact us and we will wait for you to have a productive and pleasant conversation in our division in Vilnius, Kaunas, or Klaipėda.

2. We will consult you on the labour market.

During the meeting, we will consult you on the labour market and your opportunities, i.e., demand for your skills and experience in the current market.

3. We will clarify your expectations.

During the conversation, we will clarify your expectations, wishes for the workplace, schedule, and remuneration.

4. We will provide job offers.

We will provide job offers that meet your clarified expectations and give you the details about the workplace, schedule, and nature of the job.

5. We will prepare the documents.

We will prepare all the documents necessary for the employment.

6. We will give you feedback.

After the selection of a suitable Candidate, we will give you feedback, i.e., we will inform you about the end of the selection and its results (also in cases where the Client chooses another candidate).

7. We will offer other options.

If you will agree, we will keep contact with you. At the end of one fixed-term project, we will offer you other vacancies.