Temporary job is an opportunity to earn income and improve yourself.

Usually it is not easy to integrate into the labour market without work experience, during studies or after a long career break. Searching for a permanent job on your own takes time, and a potential employer may not be interested in your resume because of a lack of experience and skills. In these cases temporary work is a great solution. The Emplonet team can offer you a variety of temporary jobs.

Temporary job gives an opportunity for people of all ages, with or without work experience, to earn and develop. For young people, it is an attractive way to earn additional income, gain experience, and combine work and study, and for older employees it is a quick and easy way to integrate into the labour market when changing career or returning after a career break.

„Emplonet“ gali pasiūlyti platų trumpalaikių darbų spektrą: nuo pagalbinių, techninių darbuotojų gamybos ar maitinimo įstaigose iki administracijos darbuotojų, asistentų ir įvairių sričių specialistų tarptautinio lygio įmonėse.

Emplonet can offer a wide range of temporary jobs: from auxiliary and technical jobs in manufacturing and catering establishments to administrative jobs and jobs for assistants and specialists in international companies.

After signing a temporary employment contract with Emplonet, we become your direct employer offering you to try out professions that meet your expectations, needs, and values.

We assure you that you will be treated in the same way as regular employees while working at our Clients’/Partners’ companies:

• All social guarantees;
• equal pay;
• possibility to choose working time and workload;
• possibility to combine work with other activities;
• access to collective facilities (canteen, transport services, etc.);
• training and rise of qualification;
• probability of permanent job;

Want to try your hand at a temporary job? Submit a request or contact us at +370 686 05 553. From the available job offers we will choose the one that suits you best.