Temporary employment

Emplonet will help you build a strong team of employees for temporary projects and seasonal jobs and find Candidates to replace those who are on maternity leave or who are temporarily unable to work. We will also assist in the recruitment of specialists in various fields due to increased work orders and shortage of qualified staff.

We form teams of employees according to each Client’s individual requirements. Our employees work only for one Client.

1. We will analyse your needs.

During the meeting, we will find out what should be the skills, experience, and personal qualities of the Candidate you want for your organization.

2. We will evaluate your job offer.

During the meeting, we will get acquainted with the conditions you will offer to the future employee.

3. We will conduct the selection process.

We will conduct employee selection and evaluation.

4. We will provide you with information.

We will introduce the potential Candidates to you.

5. We will recruit the Candidates.

Upon receipt of your approval, we will employ all qualified and approved employees in Emplonet.

6. We will take care of legal matters.

We will perform all legal procedures related to the employment relationship.

7. We will inform the employees.

We will introduce the employees to the nature of the job in your company.

8. We will follow the schedule of medical check-ups.

We will control the schedule of periodic compulsory medical check-ups.

9. We will prepare documents.

We will prepare work schedules and working time sheets for employees.

10. We will take care of your bookkeeping.

We will calculate and pay salaries to employees and taxes to the state.

11. We will fill the vacancies.

We will replace an employee who did not live up to your expectations or who is ill or unable to work for another reason.

12. We will transfer the employee.

We will give you the opportunity to hire a suitable temporary employee directly at any time.