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For Candidates

We will help you establish yourself or rediscover yourself in the labour market. 90% of our selected employees receive permanent job offers. Job search service at Emplonet is free of charge.

Services for Candidates

Permanent job

The Emplonet team consists of competent, empathetic, and insightful specialists who can evaluate your expectations and personal and professional qualities and point you in the best direction.

Persons who are looking for a permanent job should contact Emplonet for the following reasons:


• We will professionally evaluate your expectations and opportunities during a pleasant and individual conversation.
• With the help of Emplonet specialists, you will find the company that best fits your values and this will let you reveal your potential and create the greatest added value for yourself and your employer.
• Our Clients are employers from various business areas: traditional business companies, startups, exceptional projects, and therefore we can offer permanent jobs to professionals in various fields.
• The job search will be smoother and faster than searching for a job by yourself.

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Temporary (short-term) job

Emplonet can offer a wide range of temporary jobs: from auxiliary and technical jobs in manufacturing and catering establishments to administrative jobs and jobs for assistants and specialists in international companies.

Temporary job can be attractive because of the following reasons:


• It is a great way to try out a specialty that you are interested in.
• Temporary jobs on weekends or during the holiday or summer season is an opportunity to earn extra money.
• For young people, temporary job is an attractive way to earn additional income and gain experience.
• For older employees, this may be the first step in changing a career or returning to the labour market after a longer break.
• The employer that offered temporary job may offer a permanent job in the future.

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Jobs abroad

Emplonet collaborates with employers in Germany, and therefore Emplonet specialists can help you find the best job offers in Germany, choose the right job position, and successfully establish yourself in a new country.

We will prepare all documents necessary for the trip and employment and provide assistance with various accommodation and travel issues.

Job abroad can be an attractive option because of the following reasons:


• We work closely with our partners in Germany, and therefore we can choose a job that meets your expectations.
• Working abroad gives you the opportunity to earn when you need it most.
• This is an opportunity to get to know another country and culture, expand the circle of acquaintances, and learn foreign languages.

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Career counseling

When starting a career, taking a break from work, or changing jobs, the job search professionals will inspire confidence and guide you. Emplonet specialists will help you to clarify your professional needs, motivation, and opportunities, familiarize you with the current labour market situation, help you prepare a professional resume (CV), and inspire you to move forward.

During the conversation, we will analyse your expectations and experience and, based on the results of the TRIPOD personality and mental ability tests, we will identify which areas of work suits you best and offer you the most suitable positions.

It is worth contacting Emplonet for career counselling because of the following reasons:


• The job search will be faster and smoother.
• The chances of finding a job that best fits your values, abilities, and motivation will greatly increase.
• Career counselling service provided by Emplonet specialists will help you enhance your professional image in the labour market and your self-confidence which increases your chances of finding a better paid job.
• Usually the employer spends no more than 20 seconds on a Candidate’s curriculum vitae, and therefore a CV should immediately catch employer’s attention. Our specialists will help you to prepare such a CV. Every year CV writing trends change, and Emplonet specialists are constantly monitoring and aware of these changes.
• We will advise you on any other issues you may have.

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For Employers

Our goal is a long-term partnership based on trust. 80% of our Clients have a long-term cooperation relationship with us. We adhere to the standards of professional ethics and for each Client create a customized Candidate database. We work on the success fee basis, i.e., we do not require advance payments. 90% of our selected employees continue working in companies after the 3 month probationary period.

Services for Employers:

Personnel search and selection

Emplonet specialists conduct professional personnel selections using world-recognized standardized methods. We take care of the personnel selection process from the analysis of the Client’s needs, creation and publication of the job ad, and attraction of passive candidates until the selection and approval of the most suitable employee.

Collaboration with Emplonet in personnel selection process is worth it because of the following reasons


• We create a customized Candidate database for each Client.
• We strive to get to know our Customer and establish long-term relationships which make the selection process very effective and purposeful.
• We professionally represent the Client in front of the Candidate.
• We are flexible, i.e., we look for the best solution in each specific personnel selection process in order to achieve our goals.
• We are constantly following the changing market trends and apply our Candidate search methods to our target audience.
• We work on the success fee basis, i.e., we do not require advance payments. Payments for our services are made only after the goal has been achieved, i.e., the Client has approved the Candidate suitable for the job.
• We work with Clients in various business areas.

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The Emplonet specialists professionally carry out the so-called headhunting process. Headhunting is an integral part of the personnel search and selection process that we employ when it comes to at-tracting top professionals and senior or middle managers.

It is worth entrusting Emplonet with the headhunting process because of the following reasons:


• When carrying out the headhunting process, we only attract targeted Candidates who are usual-ly not interested in job search. Getting them interested in a new job requires time, special knowledge, skills, and techniques that we know and can apply, and thus save your company’s staff resources.
• You will avoid inconveniences, conflict of interest, or potential threat to employer’s image that sometimes arises when the companies themselves carry out headhunting to attract employees of their direct competitors.
• We work with Clients in a wide range of business areas, and therefore have many contacts and connections that accelerate and facilitate the recruitment of specialists.
• We professionally represent the Client in front of the Candidate.
• We are constantly following the changing market trends and apply our Candidate search meth-ods to our target audience.
• We are flexible, i.e., we look for the best solution in each specific situation in order to achieve our goals.

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Temporary employment

Emplonet will help you build a strong team of employees for temporary projects and seasonal jobs and find Candidates to replace those who are on maternity leave or who are temporarily unable to work. Emplonet specialists also assist in the recruitment of specialists in various fields due to increased work orders and shortage of qualified staff.

It is worth contacting Emplonet when a temporary employee is needed because of the following reasons:


• We will find an employee when you need him/her most.
• We will carry out professional employee selection and evaluation processes.
• When a Candidate accepts a temporary job, Emplonet becomes his/her direct employer but he/she works for your company.
• You will not have to look for Candidates, take care of their recruitment process and salary – we will take care of the administration of the personnel documents and ensure smooth cost management, and therefore the employees of your personnel department will be able to focus on their direct work.
• You will be able to hire a suitable temporary employee directly at any time.

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Partial selection

For Clients that want to be directly involved in the selection process, we offer a partial personnel selection service. Emplonet specialists will take care of the job posting and, after carefully evaluating the CVs received, will hand them over to the Client.

It is worth contacting Emplonet regarding partial personnel selection because of the following reasons:


• After analysing the Client’s needs, we will prepare a professional job ad and publish it on social media and most popular job search portals.
• We will sort the received CVs according to the requirements.
• If necessary, we will contact the Candidates by telephone and orally verify whether the Candidate meets the Client’s requirements.
• We will forward to the Client the CVs of Candidates who meet the requirements.
• Entrusting us with these tasks will save you time and allow your company’s employees to make the most of it.

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TRIPOD tests

Emplonet not only carefully analyses Customer’s expectations but also uses effective and world-renowned personnel selection tools and methods. One of them is TRIPOD personality and mental ability tests successfully applied in Lithuania and other European countries. These tests are designed to accurately evaluate the Candidate’s emotional stability, intrinsic motivation, social skills, mental ability, learning speed, and other human qualities.

TRIPOD tests are very useful in carrying out selection processes because of the following reasons:


• They allow to evaluate the Candidate’s personal qualities, mental abilities, motivation, level of orientation to results and teamwork, stress resistance, and management competencies.
• They help to determine with greater precision whether the Candidate is suitable for the job position you are offering or will fit in with the company’s team.
• They reduce the probability that the selected Candidate will not live up to expectations.

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Personnel administration

Emplonet can assist you in personnel administration. When Emplonet becomes your Company’s external personnel administrator, it will take care of all tasks related to employee administration, and your company’s personnel managers will be able to focus on more important aspects of personnel management, i.e., motivation, training, suggestions for productivity improvement, etc.

It is worth entrusting the administration of personnel to Emplonet because we will take care of the:


• administration of documents related to the employment of the employee, amendment of the employment contract, and dismissal;
• creation of personal files;
• employee familiarization with the Client’s documents regulating working procedure;
• preparation of orders relating to working relationship;
• preparation of documents relating to disciplinary penalties;
• control of the schedule of periodic compulsory medical check-ups;
• preparation of schedules and working time sheets;
• consultations on all personnel administration issues;
• submission of notifications to the State Social Insurance Fund Board;
• communication with the State Labour Inspectorate (if necessary);
• delivery of the required documents to the Client at the specified address.

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