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For Candidates

For job seekers our services are free. We will help you establish yourself in the job market. 90 % of the candidates get long-term positions.

Services for Candidates

Long-term positions

Emplonet team is composed of competent, empathetic and insightful advisers who are able to measure your opportunities and point you to the right direction. We will help you find a company that meets your values, allows you to reveal your potential and to bring added value to yourself and to your employer.

Our goal is to find a company that provides you with all the professional development opportunities, allows you to grow and discover your strengths.

We maintain relationships with Clients from different business areas – from traditional business companies to exclusive start-ups, and therefore we can offer you a wide range of positions.

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Short-term positions

Temporary work during weekends, during the holidays or during summer provides great opportunities for people of all ages to earn money and gain working experience. For young people, it is a chance to earn extra income and to improve their working skills, and for older workers it can be a new start when changing their career or returning to the job market after a break.

We are trying to debunk the myth that short-term jobs are limited within the manufacturing sector. We can offer a wide range of temporary jobs – from technical staff positions to administrative staff, assistants and other positions at international companies

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Working Abroad

Working abroad provides a not-to-be-missed opportunity to earn money and to explore other countries, their culture and people. We can help you find the best job offers, apply for the most suitable positions, and assist you in establishing yourself in a new country.

We want to take care of everything, so not only do we ensure successful recruitment abroad, but also prepare all necessary documents for your travel and employment, as well as provide assistance with any practical matters, for example, accommodation.

Emplonet works closely with companies in Germany, UK and other EU countries, so we can offer the best recruitment solutions for our Clients and provide the candidates with a job that suits their expectations.

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Career counseling

Confucius said, “Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life” – these are the words that we live by. It doesn’t matter, whether you are just starting your career or want to change your career direction – we can help you evaluate your strengths and inner motivation when looking for your dream job.

We perceive people through individual counseling as well as increasingly more widely used TRIPOD personality tests which allow people to assess their personal qualities and motivation. During counseling, we take a closer look at your expectations and experience. TRIPOD test results help us to identify your career path according to which we can match you to the available positions at our clients’ companies.

TRIPOD tests allow us to assess:

  1. Personal qualities of the Candidates
  2. Mental abilities
  3. Motivation
  4. Orientation to results and teamwork
  5. Resistance to stress
  6. Managerial competencies
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Resume writing services

An employer usually spends no more than 20 seconds on one resume. The more competitive the applicant’s desirable position, the more eloquent his resume should be. Your CV is the first and only chance to make a great impression about yourself and to secure your dream job.

CV writing trends are constantly changing. Resume writing can become a challenge for older workers who are willing to return to the job market or to those who want to change their profession or working area. Emplonet advisers will help you to design an accurate and professional CV or cover letter that will help you reach the top.

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For Employers

We help our Clients grow and prosper. Our recruitment services come with a three month waranty., You will only pay for the results. No wonder why 80 % of our clients choose to continue working with us.

Services for Employers:


Leave your staff recruitment to us. As long as we are responsible for the recruitment process, your company’s HR department can focus effectively on team building, new management strategies and motivation. Shortly after we become partners, our main task becomes to get acquainted with your company’s culture and values – this helps us in finding the right piece of puzzle for your team.

Throughout the years of work of our company, we have refined a working method that lets us provide the best results for our Clients. We select the Candidates according to the principle of semi-structured interviews (by combining both the interview and the testing). This selection method allows to get to know the applicants based both on intuition and on TRIPOD personality test scales.

Our process:

  1. coordination of Candidate requirements with the Client;
  2. distribution of job ads;
  3. researching for Candidates on professional social networks;
  4. phone interviews with potential Candidates;
  5. interviews with the Candidates;
  6. assessment of the Candidates using tests, practical tasks, etc.;
  7. delivering the resumes of suitable applicants to the Client;
  8. Client interviews with the Candidates;
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Temporary employment

We will help you build a strong team of employees for your temporary projects, seasonal work and find replacements for your team members that are on maternity/sick leave or on vacation. We can also fill your team with competent workers in case you have to cope with increased orders and have a shortage of skilled employees.

Temporary employment services is a handy solution for companies looking for temporary employees. We will take care of all short-term employment processes for you, including personnel cost management, administration of personnel documentation and compensation, thus allowing your HR department to focus on their direct work.

Our process:

  1. temporary staff selection and evaluation;
  2. recruitment of all selected eligible employees by Emplonet;
  3. phone call with a chosen Candidate;
  4. carrying out of related legal procedures;
  5. payroll calculation;
  6. calculation and payment of state taxes;
  7. replacing of workers on sick leave, vacation or those that otherwise unable to work;
  8. direct suitable temporary worker recruitment possibilities at any time.
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Partial recruitment

Partial recruitment services is a perfect solution for Clients who wish to participate in the selection of new employees directly. We take care of the most difficult recruitment stage, which is attracting the new employees. The only thing you need to do, is to choose the most suitable person of all our carefully selected Candidates.

Sometimes the employer is the only one who knows best what his company needs. We will help you save time and find the best Candidates for your company.

Our process:

  1. writing and posting of job ads;
  2. processing of received resumes according to the Client’s requirements;
  3. presentation of suitable applicants to the Client.
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Our company’s principles are based on special attention to the customer’s needs, as well as effective recruitment tools. One of such tools is TRIPOD professional psychological tests for recruitment and assessment of personality traits. TRIPOD tests are successfully applied in Lithuania and other European countries.

The best applicant does not necessarily mean the perfect fit for your company. In order to find a new employee that would be a good fit for your organization as well as would contribute to adding value, the Candidate’s personal qualities have to be taken into account. TRIPOD tests are designed to accurately assess the person’s emotional stability, internal motivation, social skills, mental abilities, learning speed and other human characteristics.

TRIPOD tests and scales allow us to evaluate the candidate’s

  1. personal qualities;
  2. mental abilities;
  3. motivation;
  4. orientation towards results and teamwork;
  5. resistance to stress;
  6. managerial competencies.
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Personnel administration services

Emplonet is your ever-loyal partner. In addition to recruitment services, we also assist our clients with personnel administration.

Assign your staff administration processes to us and allow your HR department to focus on their direct responsibilities such as surveying of employee satisfaction, team training, evaluation of changes on the labor market and improving the working efficiency.

Upon becoming your staff administrator, Emplonet will take care of:

  1. processing of the documents related to employment, employment contract amendments and dismissals;
  2. processing of personal files;
  3. introduction of legal documents (confidentiality, material liability contracts, etc.) to the employees;
  4. preparation of orders related to working relations;
  5. preparation of documents related to disciplinary penalties;
  6. periodical monitoring of mandatory health checks;
  7. preparation of work schedules and working hour records;
  8. personnel administration issues;
  9. submission of notifications to the social insurance fund board (SODRA);
  10. communication with SLI (Ministry of Social Security and Labour) if required;
  11. delivering of required documents to the address indicated by the client;
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