Personnel administration

Emplonet can assist you in personnel administration. When Emplonet becomes your Company’s external personnel administrator, it will take care of all tasks related to employee administration.

1. We will take over your employees.

We will take over your Company’s employees, i.e., we will employ them in our company.

2. We will administer documents.

We will administer all documents related to the employment of the employee.

3. We will prepare files.

We will create each employee’s files.

4. We will take care of legal matters.

We will perform all legal procedures related to personnel recruitment.

5. We will inform the employees.

We will familiarize the employees with the nature of the job in your company.

6. We will follow the schedule of medical check-ups.

We will control the schedule of periodic compulsory medical check-ups of the employees.

7. We will prepare schedules.

We will prepare work schedules and working time sheets for employees.

8. We will consult on administration issues.

We will consult you on all personnel administration issues.

9. We will take care of your bookkeeping.

We will calculate and pay salaries to employees and taxes to the state.

10. We will provide you with information.

We will deliver the required documents to address specified by you.