Permanent job

Emplonet professionals will evaluate your expectations and personal and professional qualities and point you in the right direction regarding your career.

1. We will meet with you.

Contact us and we will wait for you to have a productive and pleasant conversation in our division in Vilnius, Kaunas, or Klaipėda.

2. We will clarify your expectations.

Susitikimo metu aptarsime, kokio darbo ieškote – kvalifikuoto ar nekvalifikuoto. Skirsime laiko išgryninti Jūsų lūkesčius būsimam darbui: kokios turėtų būti Jums priimtinos darbovietės vertybės, atmosfera, karjeros galimybės. Aptarsime Jums palankiausią darbo pobūdį, grafiką, patogiausią darbo vietos lokaciją.

3. We will help you to evaluate yourself.

During the conversation, we will clarify your experience, talents, skills, strengths, and what you would like to offer to your future employer.

4. We will familiarize you with the market.

We will consult you on topical issues in the labour market and tell you about employers’ expectations and what the current market demand for your skills is.

5. We will provide job offers.

We will provide you with job offers that meet your expectations and full information about your workplace and the nature of the job.

6. We will help you prepare.

We will help you adjust your curriculum vitae and prepare for the interview with your employer.

7. We will give you feedback.

After the selection of a suitable Candidate, we will give you feedback, i.e., we will inform you about the end of the selection and its results (also in cases where the Client chooses another candidate).

8. We will keep contact with you.

If you will agree, we will keep contact with you, and thus we will “follow” your career. We want your career path to be smooth and we want you to contact us if there is any need.