Partial selection

If you want to be directly involved in the selection process, we offer a partial personnel selection service.

1. We will analyse your needs.

During the conversation, we will find out what personal qualities, skills, and experience should have the Candidate that you need for your organization.

2. We will create a job ad.

Based on your needs, we will create an attractive job ad customized to the target audience of potential Candidates in order to maximize its accessibility and effectiveness.

3. We will publish the job ad.

We will publish the job ad on the most popular job search portals and on professional and social networks.

4. We will select the CVs of suitable Candidates.

We will sort the received CVs (CV service) according to the requirements, conduct telephone interviews with the Candidates (CV+ service), and verify the compliance of the CVs with your main requirements. With the consent of the Candidates, we will obtain and verify the recommendations.

5. We will provide you with information.

We will keep constant contact with you and forward the selected and sorted CVs with brief comments and recommendations to you.