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For Candidates

Permanent job

Emplonet professionals will evaluate your expectations and personal and professional qualities and point you in the right direction regarding your career.

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Temporary (short-term) job

Emplonet can offer a wide range of short-term jobs: from auxiliary and technical jobs in manufacturing and catering establishments to administrative jobs and jobs for assistants and specialists in international companies.

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Jobs abroad

Emplonet specialists will help you find the best job offers in Germany, choose the right job position, and successfully establish yourself in a new country.

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Career counselling

Emplonet professionals will help you to clarify your professional needs, motivation, and opportunities, familiarize you with the current labour market situation, help you prepare a professional resume (CV), and inspire you to move forward.

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For Employers

Personnel search and selection

We will analyse your needs and appoint the Emplonet specialist who will best fulfil them. He/she will conduct a professional personnel selection using world-recognized standardized methods.

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Temporary employment

Emplonet will help you build a strong team of employees for temporary projects and seasonal jobs and find Candidates to replace those who are on maternity leave or who are temporarily unable to work. We will also assist in the recruitment of specialists in various fields due to increased work orders and shortage of qualified staff.


We form teams of employees according to each Client’s individual requirements. Our employees work only for one Client.

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Partial selection

If you want to be directly involved in the selection process, we offer a partial personnel selection service.

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We select the TRIPOD tests for testing personal qualities, mental skills, and manager skills according to your needs and for specific selection process.

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Practical tasks

Practical tasks are tasks which we assign in order to effectively identify the Candidate’s competencies: the totality of knowledge, abilities/skills, values, and personal qualities that manifest through behaviour and allow to do a certain job well. The assignment of practical tasks combined with structured interviews and psychological testing helps to assess Candidates with a high degree of accuracy.

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Personnel administration

Emplonet can assist you in personnel administration. When Emplonet becomes your Company’s external personnel administrator, it will take care of all tasks related to employee administration.

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